It's all just fun & games... Until somebody WINS!
 How Do I Play?
Click through the Fun & Games using the buttons & follow the directions on each page. Each one will be different. One might prompt you to ask a question or share an opinion, some may ask you a question, some may give you an action or challenge to complete. Everything is optional, so you can always decide not to get the points and just skip forward to the next! 
 Points & Giveaways
Some of our little goodies will have TWO ways to win! Everything has a point value attached to completing the task, but some will have an additional giveaway where we will draw a random winner from everyone who participated! That will be clearly stated in the caption, so you'll always know
 Social Media
Some tasks will have an optional social media element as a way to earn extra points. If you don't have social media- that's ok, just ignore that part!
After you participate, just screenshot your comment, challenge, or task and send it to your distributor! (or if you are partying in the optional fb group, comment there & tag your distributor!)

The two of you will have fun chatting & interacting as you work your way through the party! If you're partying at a time when your distributor isn't available they'll reply back at their earliest opportunity. 

This is a casual 2 & 1/2 day come & go event, you aren't tied down or required to be available at any particular times. You can't be "late" as long as you party with us by midnight Sunday, & you wont have missed a thing even if you get here Sunday afternoon!

REMEMBER, if at any point during the party the comment system isn't working for you, or you're having any difficulty- just reply directly to your distributor. Partying should be an easy, fun & stress-free experience. If it's not- your distributor has permission to adapt, and can take your points/award your points in whatever way needed. This is about YOU!

 Your distributor will double check & confirming your point total, and checking for any you may have missed so you have every point you have earned! Expect to hear from them Sunday evening before the party closes! 
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When the countdown reaches zero buttons will appear below & THE FUN BEGINS!