Welcome to the party!
Welcome to the party! We are so happy you are here!
The whole soirée (except for some optional fun in the FB Group) takes place right here on this site! You can click through the buttons to navigate. On your first trip through the party use the NEXT buttons to navigate through in the perfect order! You'll see fun ways to earn points throughout the Soirée. (and there is a Fun & Games Section where our Prize Hunters can REALLY go wild!)
You get Party Points for interacting and following prompts throughout the party, as well as getting points for your orders, points for booking a party, points if you decide to join us as a distributor, and sometimes for taking fun challenges!

Ultimately this whole event is really about you partying with your distributor! If at any point you have trouble with the commenting system, or any element of the party, you can just go straight to your distributor with your game answer & collect the points that way! 

Each Point is one entry into the big drawing for one of the trips to choose a prize from the Vault of Awesomeness! Some Challenges, Posts or Activities may have an additional GIVEAWAY drawing for a trip to the Vault of Awesomeness! That's separate & in addition to the Party Points drawings and is totally based on Participation!!

Party Guests who place any order before the end of the Soirée are also entered into a drawing for one of 5 trips to the Vault of Fabulousness!

Party Guests with orders over $175 (USD, Pre-tax total) are ALSO entered into the BIG drawing for a trip to the GRAND PRIZE Vault!
There are THREE different Prize Vaults and a set of vaults specific to each country due to shipping logistics. (Did you know this is an international party? How fun is that? We are simultaneously party-ing in the US, Canada, AND Australia!!) 

The prizes inside each vault have different value levels. 
Vault of Awesomeness: Up to $25 USD 
Vault of Fabulousness: From USD $30 - $50
Grand Prize Vault: From USD $150- $300

This is ONE party happening across the world, all the winners are drawn together and from the same scale. The winners could be from any country and then the winner selects a prize from the vault for their country (we use Amazon as the source of our prizes), within 48 hours fills out the claim form from their distributor and then Amazon delivers the prize they've chosen!
After you participate, just screenshot your comment, challenge, or task and send it to your distributor! (or if you are partying in the optional fb group, comment there & tag your distributor!)

The two of you will have fun chatting & interacting as you work your way through the party! If you're partying at a time when your distributor isn't available they'll reply back at their earliest opportunity. 

This is a casual 2 & 1/2 day come & go event, you aren't tied down or required to be available at any particular times. You can't be "late" as long as you party with us by midnight Sunday, & you wont have missed a thing even if you get here Sunday afternoon!

REMEMBER, if at any point during the party the comment system isn't working for you, or you're having any difficulty- just reply directly to your distributor. Partying should be an easy, fun & stress-free experience. If it's not- your distributor has permission to adapt, and can take your points/award your points in whatever way needed. This is about YOU!
You'll place your order directly with the distributor who invited you! 
When you place your order with your distributor be sure to declare yourself a SHOPPING QUEEN & also get yourself 40 Bonus Points!!! Your Distributor will give you that very special SECRET link after you place your order!

You can place multiple orders if things catch your eye throughout the party & your distributor will update your point totals- no problem!
The Soirée Begins In
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(When the countdown reaches zero a BIG button will appear below, you'll click that to enter the soirée!) 
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